We Used To

We used to be good but now we're not.
We used to love each other to the fullest.
We used to trust each other and not suffocate each other .
We used to be cute with each other ,
but now we don't.
We both used to care for each other the same ,
now nothing is the same.
We used to have good days , now the days have gone to bad days.
You used to treat me with respect now
it's nothing but disrespect.
You used to treat me like your Queen ,
but you stopped doing those things.
You used to show me off and be happy that you're with me ,
but now you barely do the things that you did to get me.
I used to love you to the point where I didn't wanna lose you,
but now it's almost to the point were I don't care to lose you.
I used to wanna see you everyday , but things changed.

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