Wearing Masks Saves Lives


Wearing a mask can save your life. I know,
because it saved mine twice.
Once at the doctor's office, as I stood 6 feet apart,
from a young man who was crying
because he couldn't breathe at all.
One woman started coughing, but didn't cover her mouth.
And one man was sweating hard, but it wasn't that hot.
When I left there, I put on my mask again,
to board the number 6 bus,
to go home to my wife and kids.
But the bus was so crowded I couldn't even sit down.
I had to stand near a man wearing a green nightgown.
He wasn't wearing a mask and neither was his friend,
who had a Trump t-shirts on, that said
make America great again. I couldn't believe my eyes,
with all the germs going around,
and thousands of people dying,
they say more than Vietnam. When I got home,
I turned on my TV, and there the president was
telling everyone to just drink some bleach.
This must be some kind of madness from catching
Covid-19, to think the president would tell Americans
it's not as bad as it really seems.
If you never wear a mask, I suggest you quarantine,
the lives you risk may mean nothing to you,
until it's your own family.

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