Wednesday Morning

It's 3:37 Wednesday morning
and I can't sleep.
And I'm just passing the time thinking about you.
I also wish that you were here to watch That 70's Show with me.
But I guess I'll settle for the bear I got from you.

It's 4:39 Wednesday morning,
and I'm getting kind of sleepy.
I think I'd be asleep by now if you and I were intertwined.
I would probably be more comfortable with my head on your chest
instead of this pillow.
And instead of the loud sound of fictional motion pictures,
the subtle beat of your heart.

It's 4:59 Wednesday morning,
and not to my surprise you haven't left my mind.
You never really do.
You're always sitting in there.
Giving me purpose.

But now it's 5:09 Wednesday morning,
And although I could go on forever about you,
I'm also falling asleep and running out of things to say.
But I know this. I will always love you, day after day.

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