Weed that grew from gamerco

This is Inspired from tupacs poem the rose that grew from concrete

A weed that grew in Gsmerco ..lol

A weed that grew through the cracks of a sidewalk so deprived yet so beautiful
Unnoticed by all who walks by cuz it's brought up by anger and hate
Cold and hard like the rock surrounding it wanting a different fait
Looked as a weed amongst others greed
Maybe an underdeveloped pedal or two from others smile
Thrived through cold winters hot summers all the while
Stepped on like a welcome mat but hardly complained
Than one day was found by a lovely lady and given a name
Transplanted in a flower bed given not cold stares but nutrients instead
Than an internal change within started its life
Thorns began to come out thanks to the light
Next not one but two rose buds began to sprout
The lovely lady found what the others couldn't find out
The weed was but a rose which grrew through much adversity
Trying to help others forgetting about its own pity
Philosopher Plato once wrote about a cave
Which talks about how grateful we can be once enlightenment is reached from once we strayed
A smile that once was broken is now fixed
I will never talk down on my smile cuz it's not mine but God's gift .......

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