Our truck comes to a stop, as the stars shine bright
Returning home from a day of a family game night
As we sit listening to the radio, for the turning of this green light!

He presses the peddle for it is our turn to go
Seconds later seeing headlights, then screaming “OH NO”
Before blacking out on this dark winter’s road!

I open my eyes to see my mom kneeling beside me
Crying at what she can see
From the wreck we had just been freed!

I glare into her eyes, as if asking that one important question
Instantly knowing the answer from her facial expression
Immediately feeling the depths of depression!

I move my legs to the side of the bed
Standing up to walk towards the room to be led
Shaking and trembling from what the doctor and nurses have said!

I open the door ever so slowly
Weeping from what my eyes now see before me
For on the bed is my husband, with tubes and cords I’d pray I wouldn’t see!

I sat next to him holding his hand
Knowing it wouldn’t be long, before taken from this land
From what God had carefully planned!

His breath become weaker rather than steady
As I caress his face saying “I’ll be ok, your time is here already
God is waiting, I’ll see you at the gates when my time is ready”!

I kiss his lips as his grip fades it seems
Then I awake to realize it was all a dream
The man I love is still sleeping peacefully beside me!

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