Weeping Crane

Young manifestation of the Divine,
Why stumble through the pebble gardens
without a rake?
Gaze into iridescent irises
beaming from innumerable cherry blossoms!
Swallows waltzing through the canopy,
autumn brown feathers piped with youth!
Ah, serenity, is it not?

Unfortunately, avarice replaced appreciation
in your kind, nature now an unfathomably complex entity
ripe for manipulation.
She attempts self defense, pious men
subsequently claim justified punishment,
an endless repetition.
Animals are now cyborgs, mere machines,
programmable, replaceable, revocable,
and will never prosper.
Plants are now aesthetic articles, better trimmed,
tamed, and subdued than free.

Totalitarian state, the human state,
the present, the penniless and opulent,
the skeptical, and the maniacal congregated
onto defiant mountains protruding from the Oriental Ocean.
Catastrophe veiled as progress.
Scamper along, young one, and ignore my ignoble sobbing.

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