Weeping Desert Skies

The skies come weeping into the night,
Sending its life's blood until it is light.
The land, like a baby on its mother's breast,
Suckling her tears with warm caress,
With no satisfaction in sight.
The skies keep weeping throughout the night.

I woke in the morning, with no evidence in sight,
That the skies had even, wept that night.
Soaking up her tears like a sponge I would say,
Unquenchable thirst like every other day.
The desert's thirst cannot be satisfied too fast.
But in the desert to live, you must make these tears last.

The desert drank all the skies would give.
But knowing these tears would enable life to live,
Life goes on as long as this thirst is met.
For quenching this thirst, we will always be in her debt,
With anticipation of the future so bright.
The skies would come weeping once again throughout the night.

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This Poems Story

I was born in the mountains of West Virginia and spent my childhood running wild and free in northern Ohio. I spent my teen and adult years living in Arizona, which is where I reside today. I have experienced the highs and lows of raising a family. Then for poetry, I like it because it has no rules, no proper or improper sentence structure or punctuation to handcuff the mind. Learning to write proper English was my worst subject, because I had an issue with rules. I was inspired to write this poem because of the beauty and need for rainstorms.