I can't stop thinking "what if?"
I can't help but wonder how different things would be
Am I settling for the guy I'm with?
Is he truly the one for me?
I used to be so sure
I'd do anything for him
How come I can't shake this feeling?
Who will I be with in the end?
I'm searching for the answer
Deep within my heart
I can't seem to find it
Together or apart?
Time is all I need
For time tells all
Hopefully someone will be there
To catch me if I fall
I don't want to be alone
And I don't want to hurt him
All I can ask for
Is someone to take my hand
Someone to hold me
When the day turns to night
Someone to lay beside me
As we gaze into the starlight
Someone to talk to
And always be there
Someone to lean on
And wipe away my tears
Someone who will stay faithful
Be honest and true
Someone who will love me
As much as I'd love you.

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