By N.Jen   

I can't decide what I want to eat-
I only have one chance to pick a single meal
But either way It will sink down and feel like lead

In the acid in my arteries
In the churning of my gut
Hides the hurt in all its heavy calories

I can't decide what I want to feel
I only have one chance to survive this ordeal

In the cavern of my heart,
In the pit of my stomach
My biggerst secret; the great reveal is in my art

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Key Words : Fear, food, weight,

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This Poems Story

Its about what it\'s like having an eating disorder,about how it feels to be in turmoil over a meal and how you feel like you can only have one meal and it must be the right choice becose its your last for the day. Also , its about have scary the feeling of being full is