Dreams of a body
w e i g h t l e s s
like a flying cloud.
Are the roots of spirit allowing me to be free?
Do they not remember the past?
I wished once upon a night for that thing inside,
with the icy-cold grip
to be the spark of a fire. Melt away. Get off of me. My mind...
The memory engraved in my mind.
Hopes for my mind to one day return to that of a dreaming child.
Peaceful, clean, innocent.
As of right now, dreaming is the only escape; the escape is the hope,
the hope is my future.
The choir always teaches patience.
The pastor preaches no hatred. My body had been taught to pray,
But that night, You showed no patience. ALL You had was hatred.
I forgot how to pray.
Someone set me free, 'cause all of this is fourteen-year-old irregularity!
Deep down inside my throat, there is a cry-a knocking, a banging
Set me free!
That night you planted a seed, the seed of my resentment
nurtured by your hurtful words, your careless actions
Bare, you grew a thorn bush
Don't take me too lightly,
don't even touch me slightly
You had me captive, but the words on this page set me free
for freedom lies in the power of my pen.

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