Welcome to Earth, where everyone is happy and the world is amazing and has peace
See how you believed that, see now you 14 and the world is trying to kill you
It’s trying to kill you and you fall right into it, yet when you came you loved me
Yet when you came you believed that this place was magical

You called this place home, but we still want you dead
We want your head on a platter and we will eat your common sense
We will eat away all your knowledge, your “advantages”
We will kill you piece by piece

I’ll wait, I’ll wait till the end of days for you until you come back
I’ll leave, I’ll leave if you don’t want me here anymore that’s fine
You broke my heart, and you didn’t even do it in person

You broke my heart through the one thing that brought us together
You broke my heart and you couldn’t even see me cry and walk away
You couldn’t stand seeing me in pain, then why did you break my heart

You broke me so now I’ll break you, I mean what did you expect from me
To cry day and night about you, I guess my act to work
I guess my act of caring worked and you believed me

You believed me, and then you acted like I cared and then thought I cared
When you hurt me I was sore, but I got back up and kicked your ass
You think you could really affect me by doing this

I’m stronger than you think, I can keep going on without you
I have a journey and I’m not at my destination yet
I wish you could have come but the police are coming

I gotta run and make it to the next one
Let’s hope he doesn’t mess up like you
Let’s hope he can finish the race

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