Welcome To Hell

Its strange how a few seconds.
How a few minutes.
Can forever alter your direction in life.
How you see the world.
How you see your own reflection..
From that one single moment my path had suddenly been completely rearranged.
it was captured.
with no possible way to escape.
my mind was filled with confusion, and his filled with lust.
he took another part of me, with each and every thrust,
tears of elegant pearls gracefully danced down my face.
the cold touch of a vacuum, sucking the life from me.
covered by a veil of darkness, like satin petals of a rose.
i may have a glowing smile between nose and chin, but only i know the truth about the deep secrets help within.
my eyes have shed more tears than they should, binding me from staring into the fire.
the scars that will never go away.
there was a time i was innocent.
this you did corrupt.
the red blood gushing from my wounds.
now bloody memories is what we seem to construct.
this is an addiction.
the daily prescription i use to fill daily.
scars masks my once smooth flesh.
each is a memory of cruelty at its best.
some represent a touch of crazy in my head.
but with a razor, those thoughts are put to bed.
i run you across my skin, again and again as the red silk runs down my angel skin.
as the liquid handcuffs grasps my prefrontal and the dust of snow is inhaled... the stoned life.
as time squashed flat, and the clock ticks slow.
poisons injected, as if its made to be a chore.
nicotine altering receptors in my brain.. i picked my poison.
" welcome to hell "
you have reached your destination.
last call for the train to your future location.
you want to buy a ticket?
whats the costs?
hop on board, we will talk once you're wasted.
close your eyes, and picture something grand.
now trust me... and give me your hand.
when you open, you will be hell bound.
shooting dope on the daily.
a twelve year old girl, with all lost hope.
the drugs giggle as you toss your life into the wind.
it will be you and i.
your new best friend, to the very end.
i would sell my soul to the devil for an Oxycontin..
the next destination, is all in my head.
i am just an addict, whom will forever be recovering.

IG: Lavish.kenz

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