Welcome To My Life

A shadow above me an under me blocking all creativity,
a smile that was never found,a heart that never rejoiced
because the love of her life would soon be gone.
A soul that dissolved a long time ago was no where to be found,
she felt as if she was an item in lost an found just trying to figure
her way up off the ground.
She fought for many day of her life
an so much sorrow still sat inside,
no friends or family stayed by her side,
they all dropped like flies.
She felt as if she was in the rain an dark even though it was the
sunniest day of the month.
She would look in the mirror and all she saw was
a pretty girl with pain in her eyes and heart.
When she was little she had dreams of becoming a dancer, singer,
or rapper and being the prettiest girl in the world
but after she turned 12 everything
seemed to go downhill an as the years went on
it seem to get more challenging
for her daddy stopped coming around,
mama had a clown and their was no family left to be found.
She hadn't talked to her daddy in 5 years
that was messed up but she would be 15 next month
so she decided to make something of herself
an all those dreams she had when she was little
she put into practice,An guess what I am that girl.

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