Welcome to the Circus

The show has a way of reeling you in so you ought be discrete
Quickly, come with me, take your seat!
Sinking into cotton as I eat rotten candy
Tucked away for nights like this, it sure comes in handy

Sweet nectar flows in abundance outside at the concession
Big brothers drink carelessly, spilling all their confessions

Look! Uncle, the strongest man alive
Brace for impact or you might lose an eye

High-wired sissy walks gingerly across a tight rope
Careful not to crush the eggshells
careful not to rock the boat

Time for the big event, the main attraction
The ring master cheers on the crowd in efforts of distraction
The ring mistress disappears into a closet
silence suspended in air 
the crowds reaction
Now heckling for her return
but this establishment provides no guaranteed satisfaction

Oh, how powerful is a child’s imagination
From a house of horrors to a circus,
that’s quite the integration

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