Welcome To The Neighborhood

The neighborhood has come alive
Dead leaves have already fallen
And new ones have been born
Jasmine flowers bloom from vines on the fences
Pink and red pedals splurge from rose bushes
The butterflies flutter around in excitement
The birds chirp loudly at dawn
Throughout the day, wings soar across the sky with the Sun
The birds in the clouds are doing a dance
Until the Sun goes down and here comes out the stars
This quiet neighborhood in the suburbs
Comes alive with all these sounds
As if touched by a paintbrush, spring has sprung
Wet with color and beauty causing gasps
The neighborhood changes
As the months go by under time’s watchful eyes
Nature reaches up to taller heights
Inflating out and up towards the sky
Trying so hard to get one touch
Of the Sun’s rays giving out free kisses
To all the plants and roots living in the ground
Thriving and growing for the Sun’s pure love
This is the spring season
Bees are buzzing on top of pollen to catch a glimpse
Of the beautiful rays of Sunshine
Touching every kind of flower on every pedal
Reaching all the way to the ground
Where the hummingbirds return to a favorite flower
With wings flapping in constant motion
The hummingbirds are saying, “Welcome to the neighborhood”

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