“Well I Study Hard”

I study hard,
To know where I’ve been,
Where I’ve come from,
Or where I’m going,

There’s much to learn,
About who I am,
Now is present,
But so is might have been,

Who I’ve loved,
Or who was hurt,
Just what it is,
I am worth,

Yeah, I’ve studied hard,
Faces and traces,
Of loves possessed,
It all became something I detest,

But I studied hard,
To know who I am,
Time gone by,
Yet here I am.

This is what I know,
Destinations are to travel to,
There’s much to learn,
Along the way,

Things I’ll never know,
Even more I’ll never say,
But I study hard,
To know where I’m going,

And where I’ve been,
One day I’ll know where I am,
And when it all ends,
Well I studied hard

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Comprehending the life experience, and remaining undaunted, in our attempts to contextualize our individual existence.