Well of Sorrow

My sapphire eyes look into the skies
Like tarnished jewels, weathered by misery and gloom.
My hollow stare is the amaranthine,
Empty abyss of my heart and mind.
But my soul, imperishable and exuberant,
Lifts my limp, lifeless body from eternal decay-
For a brief, blissful moment.
In this heavenly occasion, I take a fresh breath of life-
One free of madness and cruelty, of burdens and heartbreak,
Of my dear father, Polonius, and deceptive lover, Hamlet,
Alas! As I blink, the instance has passed,
Like times of beauty, joy, peace, love.
The creatures of the dark sea pull me inward;
I sink into hell, all-consuming and unforgiving.
I tried to shroud my aching pain,
But all I feel is much the same;
For this emptiness running through my vein
Caused me to die forever in vain.
I sink for eternity into the well of sorrows,
Where loneliness and anguish deplete
My heart, my mind, my body, my soul-
As it will one day yours.

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