We’re All Doomed!

We're all doomed!
I know that I cannot possibly be, the only one that sees,
This diabolical plan of the powers that be.
This twisted nightmare that's going on in this country,
Please brothers and sisters listen to me!

If not me, then look at our past history,
When the twins fell and everyone was scared and angry.
We blamed other countries, the ones overseas,
Overlooking the real source the hidden enemies.

We don't have to go looking too long or too far,
Because the real enemy is right in our back yards!
Think about this, and ponder it good,
Couldn't some so called US citizens be up to no good!

People who strap bombs to themselves for a so called cause,
For a no good reason, just because, now let's hit pause.
If other countries do it, why is it so hard to imagine,
That those evil amongst us would die for a selfish reaction.

Don't look away, their trying to distract us,
From keeping our liberties, I say enough is enough!
This is all being done, for a purpose and that's to disarm us,
Don't you think that's unfair, don't you think that this sucks!

Wake up sheeple people, this is written its gloom,
The day we give our freedoms away for some security,
Is the day, were all doomed!

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