Were you even here for the real sh**

I don't need no ways
No solutions to any problem
Why am I afraid to cry
When its hurting me inside
I wish I could be there for me
Embrace me from inside
And tell me it's all gonna work one day

They all talk about how people should express themselves
I even raised my voice to get shut again
What are these feelings that kick back again
My heart feels like its gonna burst one day
The pain just never goes away
It just keeps increasing as I try to go away

I don't wanna run from my problems
I didn't give anyone the right to judge
Coz its gonna add up more to my dirty acts
I hate the people coz they talk so much about their love for me
But when I shed tears under the rain as the storm comes by
I see them fade away
Like an illusion on this dirty day

Oh tell me why you had to come to me in the first place
I did not ask for your words, your pity that helped me drown again
I knew I was working towards a stronger self
You told me to tell you
When I could've told everyone else
You told me to shut up infront of them
Said they gonna think like you are not like them
You told that you'd hear me, that you'll lend me a shoulder when I'll want to cry
But guess what my shoulders are wet
My soul is drenched with me weeping inside
You tell me to put it aside because your problems seem superior
Oh just go f*** your boyfriend I don't need us

You have been telling me nothing but lies
Oh I just wish you gave up
I put this act infront of you
Just make a story up to make you believe you are enough
Oh you have been just leaning on me, living for them, and hurting me so much
I don't even know your real name
You made me forget all the feelings I felt

And you have been just leaning on, living like this shit I don't wanna care about
Oh let me tell you a truth your boyfriend is a f***tard
With the asses that they drool over
You are not enough in their eyes
I have been trying to wipe your tears away when mine don't even tend to stop
You went away to the places that I was afraid of
Oh tell is it wrong to step back
Because I don't feel enough
You say everyone feels a way
Is it wrong that I'm feeling this
Oh tell me my friend
Were you even here for the real shit

My mind is a mess
I wish I could punch your head
My heart is bleeding
And you want me to keep healing your wounds
These hugs don't treat
Your tears they bleach me
I have forgotten what I was before you showed up here acting like you care for me
Oh I wish for you to stop pulling this act
It's enough
I wish for you to go to those people like you
Because that's what you deserve
Make me feel so bad when I left you alone
Oh should cry just for you to come back to me
When you have left me more miserably than my parents did to me

Those people like you
Those people like you
Who have been living up till now for me to go through this shit
You hurt me enough
And as I write this down
Your tears they flow on my dead soul
I am not even me
Where has it gone, oh maybe you took it away
Left me daydreaming telling just wait for the storm to pass by
All this shit is you
I feel you hugging me as you tell me I am not on loose
Oh you tighten the strap, I don't even how to cry for help
These thoughts roam around in my head
Oh let me ask you again
Were you even here for real shit in the first place

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