West Coast Lullaby

Sink into my couch and wait for my arrival.
Please, no more denial.

We must escape to a place where we can refrain
from the abominable games we got ourselves into.

Leave your eyelet lace but remember your leather
for it's better to ignore that there are colors in the world

Although the sun's talking makes stopping seem promising
please keep on walking to the rhythm of her beat: drop, drop...stop.

Go grab your running shoes or you certainly chose to let the snow
bury us to when we can no longer part from its heartfelt embrace and
face the pain of laying under its depths.

A weight so great our faces will fall into concaved and never-fading
grins, all the while knowing we cannot win.

So, do remember the downward spirals that became pounding hammers in
our heads: drop, drop...pop.

Don't even mention his name for the shame will set in and we'll run
straight to the normal feel of late whiskey and gin, embrace our old,
molded sins, and the blackness within.

So please take this and forget.
It should all be over soon.
drop, drop...drop.

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