We’ve say here long enough


We've sat here long enough
Dreaming, waiting, wanting to feel the wanton breeze move about our sensitive skin
The essence of memory has be climatized into walls and ceilings
Feeling only the paper, plaster and paint wrinkle in Time and confusion

When will this ever stop ?
The cyclic existence we have been faced with
Can we control change or is it the we can only move when being moved by the forces outside of our rooms?
Towards what has been and will be
Can we change the future that we can't predict?
Will we linger in the past of what we can never change?

So shall we sit here long enough
Dreaming, waiting, wanting the wanton life we long to live
In fields of flowers, flutter bys and foxes
As we feel every moment on our sensitive skin
Letting time and confusion pass in the blur of What's and Hows, When's and Whys
Let us sit here long enough
By Dorian Grey

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