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The sea has been calling me lately
And I must go for once again
To see if the whales are still coming to the surface
Even though they live deep beneath the waves, I know they need the air as we do
For we all breathe, underneath the same sun

What fine creatures they are
So mighty, yet humble
And how they sing
O what a beautiful heart to offer such melody
That has echoed through ages
Even long before mankind evolved

If I must go down to the sea again
Do I really need to bring my harpoon this time
Just to show off my higher intelligence, how monstrous I have been
A "bounty hunter"; what pride is left, after all these moons of changes
Haven't I witnessed enough
"Bones for building", that's what they say
"Bubblers for fuel", is what their excuse is
How long is it going to be tolerated
How long, are we going to let our ignorance blind us

What extra rights do man have over them - none
Who are we to change their course
Sucking all the fruits of creation to quench an unholy thirst
What a crowned eagle hunts, is to make ends meet
With everything too much, we let our morals compromised
Man's conscience has become as bleak as the midwinter's moonlight
Coexistence, a word lost in the depth of human civilization
Aah! what little appreciation mankind once had for nature, is now long gone

Isn't it worthy to give humanity a chance for revival
Because, what has been committed is not an expression of divinity
And if you find the things that this child within redeem as valuable invalid
Sorry, our brotherhood has no purpose to exist
After all,
Ain't it wiser to live and grow in grace
Than to find ourselves, consumed in the flame of man-made tyranny

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    We, the humans, the most intelligent species on this planet are destroying one of our most divine fellow inhabitants, the whales.