“What a beautiful day to be alive”

I am the fuel
Used to ignite the flames
In the deepest parts of hell
Hiding under an aesthetically pleasing façade
I will seduce you with my sweet charming smile
By simple whispers in a low tone
Meant to hide the poison in my voice
I’ll give you the privilege to take
A sneak peek into my mind
A sneak peek into how I perceive the world
World of complete chaos and desolation
Hopeless and full of hatred
Waiting for a small and single spark to burn
Can’t you see it mortal?
Your soul is slowly fading
I can still hear your heart beating
So do tell me,
Why the fire in your soul is extinguished?
And how can someone be this full of life yet still empty?
Aren’t you tired of laying in a grave while you can still breathe?
Isn’t it to cold and dark for you?
So how about you hold my hand instead mortal…

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