What a Load of…

I’ll be fine.
Load of shit words, from a load of shit mouth.
Not a sound mournful or pleasant.
Just shit packaged and ready for those willing to eat.
Hardly a time for it.
But when is there ever really?
Shit will always be shit.
Good or bad times matter no longer.
Today’s world has made it so.
The separation now comes only at the climax.
When things spice up, then does the world start moving and going.
If there’s no rise or juice, then things go nowhere.
Kind of like the one that is still the all.
They never change.
They sit and wait for the next schmuck to bring his stake to the table.
At this rate, we’ll always have the load and nothing more.
Ahh shit

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This Poems Story

It's about calling out the vast nonsense the defines the whole within the masses of people. That's never gonna leave us. Unfortunately.