What A Soul Mate

A soul mate is that one special person that God
created just for you.
The person for whom you can't make yourself stop
thinking about.
Everything you see, hear, feel; every person you
meet or talk to, reminds you of that one
special someone.
A feeling, a connection that is indescribable by any
human language and absolutely
unfathomable to any person who has never
been fortunate enough to experience such an
intense rush of every emotion; pure bliss;
one entity.
A soul mate is the only person in the whole
world who makes you feel complete.
Without them, there is such a huge
void that can never be filled in any other way.
Once you find your soul mate, if you're ever so
fortunate to do so, you'll never want anybody
else. Without "the one," you are totally
prepared to spend the rest of your days alone.

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