What a World

What a world we live in
Is it always how Mr. Armstrong
Said it to be as so wonderful?
What a wonderful world
What a changing world
A world where simple actions
Simple mistakes
Can make the most innocent
Become the most wild
Where the once beautiful girl
Can become a hard-edged woman
Just within the hour
Where the strongest of men
Can become devastating cowards
Just within the second
There are many wonderful things
In this world
But just because i can ace an exam
Does that deem me the smartest man
This world has become cruel
It has become dangerous
It has become a place where the
Face hardships
And believe to bestow upon
The title of Wisdom

So what is so wonderful of this place
Those are the things like
-love at first sight
-bread falling with the jelly faced up
-smiles on the faces of the ones you
Care for the most
And much much more
For there will always be light
At every tunnel's end
A rainbow will always proceed a
And love can always be found again

How wonderful a world we live in
Full of love and betrayal
Mixed together to create
Thousands upon thousands
Of emotions.
And that's what this world needs
What the people need
No one should ever plead for eternal
For how boring that would be.

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