What Am I

What is a person called in a wheelchair?

Some call him or her a handicap, but are they?

Just because you have legs to walk, and a voice to talk,

Just because you have a lot more mobility?

My opinion from watching people is that we all have

some form of a handicap.

From my knowledge we all have some form of a disorder.

We all fall short of the glory of god.

Even through we may act normal, but are we?

No we are not.

We may be able to walk around and

talk normal and act normal but are we?

Certainly not!

We all have some emotions and some

feelings just like all of God's creations.

Some people would give a million dollars just to be happy,

but happiness comes from within and from God.

Some cry out in the middle of the night.

Let me free, give me a piece of mind, Oh lord.

Don't let my heart be troubled.

Let my pain go away and never,ever,ever return.

Let my mind be free, so free like the birds,

flying in the sky with no direction.

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