What Am I?

I can destroy happiness,
Turn a dream into a nightmare,
Have you rethink life,
Give the most shocking scare,
I can make the truth seem fake,
Make your world crumble,
Turn people against each other,
Have you off the path of the humble,
I can appear nice or naughty,
Switch the most pleasant thought,
Have you watching over your shoulder,
So afraid to get caught,
I can stop a good thing from happening,
Have you drowning in sorrow,
Depressed for years to come,
With no care for tomorrow,
I can make you scared of what i am,
I cause hurt and pain,
And i laugh behind your back,
For my own personal gain,
I can break your trust,
Make you wish you could forget,
Kill an innocent bystander,
Yes, I am a secret.

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This poem highlights the destruction secrets can cause.