What Am I?

I sit on the corner of the counter
Day in and day out
Waiting for someone to interact with me
The only time you use me is when night falls
Sounds kind of harsh right
I wonder when someone will notice me
I have a beautiful body
And a beautiful color
So what is wrong with me
Is it my size or where I sit
How will I get someone to notice me
I sit here everyday covering this light
Just to protect you from getting hurt
The light is big and bold so it's not hard to miss it
It has a round shape but shines extremely bright to be so short
If no one notices me maybe I will uncover the light
I will let the light hit you right where it hurts
It will hit you right in the eye
Making you squeeze your eyes oh so tight
I can't protect you for long
For my skin is torn
and im held together with whatever my owner can find
My color has faded and I no longer love myself
But why should I if no one else loves me

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