What Are Tonsils For?

What are tonsils for?
They are where our gills used to be.
Before fins turned to feet and we strolled from the sea.
The apendix was the swim bladder,
wich would adjust our bouyancy.
Just look at all the resemblences during our infancy,
Our fingers are still webbed,
look now and you will see.
How remarkably alike are the emryos from fish to you and me.
Yet we are so high above it all,
thats what humans like to believe.
So we will kill all to stay atop, and keep the secret key.
Now the ocean, she calls tonight,
so loud her glorious symphony.
She knows we will all return and in her depths we will be.
As tall as dreams these cities we build
until we cannot hear the sea.
When the land beneath begins to erode, will we then beg for clemency?

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