What Can I Offer You?

What can I offer you?
I would offer you the mightiest house along the west coast
The blinding diamonds behind the glass counter
Yet the wallet that drips by my side is only heavy with wishes
Oh such beautiful things I could never present you

My darling, what can I offer you?
These lips are cracked from countless regretful kisses
The bed that I lay in has known multiple visitors
I wish I could gift you my body, but it is broken and used

Please tell me, what can I offer you?
I cannot present you with the finest luxuries of life
Nor can I give you a body untouched
Yet my stubborn love still aches for your response

There is not much that one like me can offer
My most precious treasure is my ruined heart
This impure body will now only be given to you
Buy you the luxuries my limited wallet can buy

I will give you every little crack on my skin
All the scrapes and bruises that life has gifted me
The loyalty of one that has never been loyal before
My love, I offer you all that is left of me

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