What Can You Do?

What do you do.
.When the one you love won't talk to you?
.When your best friend suddenly isn't there?
.When the one who means the world to you,
Isn't part of your world?
.When the one who saved your life is nowhere in it?
What do you do.
.When you cry yourself to sleep thinking about them?
when you don't know what you did?
Whether or not you hurt them?
How you can help them,
When you see them in pain?
What do you do.
.When you miss them so much it pains you?
.When their beautiful smile replays in your mind?
.When their touch still tingles your skin?
.When their voice still leaves you tongue-tied?
.When it hurts to know you aren't there for them?
.When it hurts?
What do you do?
What can you do?
What can you possibly do.
when your heart
so suddenly

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