What Comes After Winter

What comes after winter? I ask
Some say water from the melted snow
Some say animals out of hibernation
A few say caterpillars fully grown
Here and there, an anteater is named
A handful mention young ones ready to face the day
But when I look at the sky and the not-so-there sun
I add it all up and call upon the sun
To testify to my proclamation and agree with my reasoning
That after winter comes it all:spring, summer, fall and winter
A spring of life
A spring of death
And after winter came the sun
The sun, the spring and life to all

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This Poems Story

I am an upcoming creative writer who has great taste (horrible taste) in movies. I enjoy playing sports like tennis and badminton; and I will never engage in sports where the balls are bigger than my firsts. I gave myself the title "Animefreak," and got inspiration for this poem when watching one of my favorite animes. At that point, the muse decided to visit me, and I ended up with "What Comes After Winter." I have four sisters and a brother.