What could be wrong?

"How sweet is the world"- many say,
Many say, but few love to experience it,
Men seek and not find,
Men knock and doors are still shut,
What could be wrong?
What indeed could be wrong?
Pains and shame anchor the day.
our homes are embellished with dreams and ambitions,
But still are one miles away from them,
Who have we offended?
Who has casted a lot against us?
For our hearts reminisce,
There should be a way
There must be a way
who will show us?
Who will lead us?
Where are our hopes?
Don't stop dreaming - our preachers said
For our hearts can dream no more,
We are broken, despair and insipid.
Who will rescue us?
Who will save us?
For we are in need of a saviour,
For we are now beyond deceit.
Who will be our saviour?
Who will bear our encumber?

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