What Could Be…

Your eyes sparkle with the truth inside
And I see a glimmer of what could be,
The smallest word, a touch or a glance,
Could be the thing that sets me free

Then you turn and give what was mine to SOMEONE ELSE...

Spinning, Breathing, Yelling, Crying
The feeling of lost hope overtakes me.
I reach out my hands and let out a call,
But YOU are not there to break my fall.

The thoughts of you still linger in my head,
Pushing me, urging me me to move forward,
Life resonates around me, and I find beauty in simplicity and joy instead.

Suddenly you cause the wheels to spin in reverse, and the gravity of what I see in you shatters my facade.
Hand in hand, eye to eye, our souls blaze with unity.
We are locked in a dance, spinning so fast the world disappears, and you are all I see.

Abruptly, you are snagged by a jagged stone. I fly out in another direction.
Something better came along, and I am stranded on my own.

Your eyes sparkle with the truth inside, and I see a glimmer of what could be,
Yet you have been blinded to see who I truly am, you cannot hear my silent plea.

Our dance will go on, but you will be unaware. For it will continue to the sound of a heartbreaking song... performed only in my dreams.

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