What Defines Feminism?

What a powerful word that is,
So many positive and negative reactions all at once.
What is a feminist?
A man hater? No.
Angry? Most of the time.
Woman? Not necessarily.
A feminist is a human who sees a problem,
A human who wants equality,
A person who doesn’t want to defined by how sexy they are.
Feminists want to be respected for who they are.
Feminism is about fairness.
It’s not about discrimination or world domination.
Being a supporter of gender equality is a logical thing that is condemned by society,
Don’t misjudge it because of its stereotype.
Be a feminist so your daughter, sister, and niece can live a life without sexism.
Be a feminist so you can say that you were one of the people who paved the way for future women and men
to live in equality and mutual harmony.

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This Poems Story

In our society, there is a common misconception of feminism and what it includes. This single word is so controversial because of the lack of understanding what it truly means. This poem reflects on that and helps define what a feminist/feminism is.