What Defines Pain?

What defines pain?
Being left out of everything like life is the game
You just spectate and watch them play
So shy eye contact is frightening in any space
So alone that every thought is what entertains
The perception of me is so off
and I don't find that strange
So non-social
I might be a "lame"
So not rememberable was never it
More like I don't like her
Without one reason to give
I come off as better than y'all
That's what you think
What if I say I dreamed
Not to be like you but the opposite
I hate being "normal" that why I don't fit in
Why would you want to be average?
When you can set the trend
Why would you want to be like someone else?
When our DNA is purposely unique to be yourself
Or is the question who are you
One more sheep?
Or one that thinks
Instead of in society floating around sleep

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