What Defines Us?

On the outside, I'm a normal girl.
Well, I think I'm normal.
What defines "normal" in this world?
I guess by definition, I'm abnormal.
I've always been this way,
I'm on the outside looking in.
I never knew what to say,
or where to begin.
I've always strived for normalcy,
to be a part of something.
I fell in line fervently,
to please a culture most disgusting.
I never really felt I belonged,
like I was trying to be someone I'm not.
Funny how I knew all along,
normalcy is something that should be fought.
Why try to fall under someone else's definition?
A society where to be different is wrong.
They make it their mission
to break the strong.
To crush the brilliant,
those who aren't like the rest.
Those who strive to be different,
those who seem to know best.
Why try to be like everyone else,
when you can just be yourself?

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