What Do I Do

When you have no one to ventilate to,
When you feel so pathetic and it seems people only use you,
When you see you are becoming a monster that you swore you
never turn into, When you r down to no friends because no
one seems to stay true,
That "what the hell feeling" you get when the family you
live with don't even Know what you're going through,
When the only feelings that are familiar is hurt, hate and
The disappointment in the truth that your own father is
a stranger,
Is my life a punishment because I was taught that showing
love is for the weaklings and there is no god and when I
ask reasons being it's because "he took life's of our love
ones too fast without the right reasoning",
is it not right that my rights are your wrongs and your
wrongs are my rights, that I'm blind and trapped the
darkness and your free to the light,
Is my life a punishment because Instead of getting a dad to
be there for me I got a part of me that that always remains
I've got a three year old daughter who I see as my only
true blessing so when she looks at me and I have to fake
that I'm ok,
But for her I try to stay strong and take it day by day.

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