What Do I Know About These Walls?

What do I know about these walls?
Except that they are hard to break down
and when they do give way to force;
even in their destruction
they stay the same.

They block and obstruct and hide
from the world, all serene and ghastly sights.
They back a riot, a turmoil, a silence,
a grave, a garden and a river.

These walls nurture a ghost on the other side.
Who lived only some and died young.
These walls echo its scream, plight, tears, laughter, hatred
and its love and life – which ended before it even began.

What do I know about these walls?
Except that none can glimpse beyond them
even when these walls are turned to dust.
This I know about these walls, for these walls
resemble my spirit and soul.

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This Poems Story

Walls are symbolic of things mysterious. One such mystery is my life. With this poem, I hoped to reveal emotions that remained walled up in my own heart. And I also hope that the readers will be able to relate to all these emotions. Enjoy :)