What Do I miss?

When things first ended I did not know how to feel
At this point all I remember is feeling so surreal

So much much on my mind I had to make a list
Documenting exactly what it was I missed

With the ending of something that felt so real
Writing my pain away is the only way I know how to deal

Now listen as I present you with my list
And it begins with the happiness that I felt when we kissed

Your warm skin and loving embrace
Never failed to put a smile on my face

I miss hearing you sing and your beautiful voice
I could listen to you forever if it was my choice

I miss how innocent you looked in your sleep
So precious at times you brought me to a weep

Without you with me life seems unreal
Left without my heart and my happiness describes how I feel

As I wrote I eventually gave up on my list
Because I realized there is not one thing about you that is not missed

Whether it be the perfect structure of your face
Or the way your smile always makes my heart race

I’d start back from the beginning if it was my choice
So I could do things right and eventually live in rejoice

I know at times I tend to overthink things too deep
But my love for you is something I forever intend to keep

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