What Do You See?

When you look ay me what do you see?
Do you see the pigment of my skin,
Or is it the religion you don't care to comprehend?

So what do you see?
Is it my sexuality,
Or what the news make us out to be,
The evilest of the evil?

You see me differently due to my appearance, or maybe its fear.

You probably see the true light in me,
You see the greatness that's in us,
You're intimidated by what you see,
So you turn humanity against us,
You saw that together we can be greater,
We could accomplish more united,
But you still tore us apart,
We are to blame for being so weak,
But with every passing day we're getting better,
So we have you to thanks for making us stronger,

So you might ask, what do I see?
I see hope no matter who you are
No race, religion, gender, or sexuality
We are proud people

That's what I see...

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