What Does a Caged Bird Dream?

What does a caged bird dream?
I watch through the rusty, metal bars,
At the other birds floating high above me.
My wings lay beside me, decrepid and useless.
Feathers falling like the sands of time.
A caged bird, it dreams of flight.

A constant noise that's been ringing.
Of wind chimes and sirens in the distant human world.
I feel a dryness in my throat.
My voice cracking in attempts to speak.
A caged bird, it dreams of song.

I see the same scenes, day in and day out.
The cage lock is rusted and worn from attempts to open it.
The key is there, mocking, just inches out of my reach.
A caged bird, it dreams of freedom.

I can no longer stand on the perch that once held me.
My vision is blurry and my breathing has slowed.
My feathers have turned grey and my limbs can barely move.
A caged bird, it dreams of youth.

I think of flight, and song, and freedom.
About the different lands I could have traveled to and explored.
About the joy I could have brought to others with my voice.

I think about everything at once before my soul slowly fades away.
A caged bird, it dreams of a second chance.

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