What Does This Crazy Wanderer Se

What does this crazy wanderer seek?
Where is his Home? He asks every passer-by
Wander from street to street.
wander in hopeless sorrow
Thus thunderless morrow,
One ray the more, One ray the less.

Look at him! Look up at him!
How statue-like do you see him stand?
Vanquished! Vanity thus life, Array his dream.
His Morrow's are deem in hoax!
May he confound peace under the mystic moon?

What does this crazy wanderer seek?
Hast him been happy before?
Perhaps, In thus absurd dreams? Did it hence?
A chaos of pain from thus whirl duplicity.

Belong to all, Yet none to call his own.
If thus semblance days of his are gone,
Are they the more or the less gone?
Where is this crazy wanderer home?

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