What Girls Go Through

I am beautiful and flawed
I wonder how some people can hold such hatred in their hearts and why they chose to spread it
I hear the mean words being tossed around, I hear the heart of teenage girls breaking because she was fat shamed, or told she was too skinny or not pretty enough. I hear them cry at 1 in the morning because they get told these things on a daily basis, and no one really understands how badly those words can hurt
I see scars on my friend’s stomach, from where she tried to cut fat off to be skinnier. I want to make all of her insecurities disappear, but how can I do that when I have my own?
I want every teenage girl to know that no matter how many people tell her that she is not perfect the way she is, that she is in fact her own version of perfect. She is beautiful just the way she is
I am beautiful and flawed
I pretend that the terrible words that get thrown our way don’t hurt. But once we get home, our walls break down and the words start to sink in, and that’s when we finally break
I feel like no girl is ever going to feel pretty enough, that we are never going to be 100% content with our bodies because of society’s standard’s of beauty and the stunning models everyone aspires to be
I touch the stretch marks that make our bodies imperfect, and I wonder if they will ever go away, or if we’ll be reminded of how we are ‘imperfect’ our whole lives
I worry that I am going to lose someone close to be because of the idea that we have to be perfect, I worry that I am going to be lost too
I cry when I realize that I am not the only one who goes through this, I cry for the girls who wish to be someone else
I am beautiful and flawed
I understand that the mental health of teenage and even preteen age girls is getting so bad that all we ever wear is baggy clothes to hide our figures
I say that every girl is beautiful, and perfect in her own way, but what about the other girls? Do they preach the same?
I dream of a society where there is no preferred body type, where we don’t have to put on makeup to impress boys, and where we can truly be ourselves without the fear of being made fun of
I try to apply what I say to myself, but it’s hard to do that when you hear the things I hear on a daily basis
I hope that every girl knows how special she truly is, and how each of them inspire me to keep moving forward, to not let the words hurt as much as they should
I am beautiful and flawed

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