What Gossiping Does

Low is this shaken girl desperate for attention
and cries quickly with doubts about her own self esteem.
The mirror cracks,
because not even it can send the right reflection.
She's always dissatisfied with what she sees.
All her impurities
are read everyday on her face by her peers
like a violated diary,
but thrown away.
They see it as unfit to even translate.
Unfortunately, it's a new language.
Past, present, and future are burned and turned down
because the tear streaks are too anxious.
The strangers are too lazy to see the true meaning.
So, they brand her with blasphemy that set a nun on edge.
In limbo she's drifting,
the world it seems to cringe and give unnecessary shame.
There's no hand to guide her out,
it's too dark, and without hands of her own
she's stuck.
Frankly, there's no mercy, no glow ahead, and
rocks with a terrible plunge.
Poor, poor girl!

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