What happened to Ambition?

Shades of glory being so devoted in solitude,
one should be grateful, wise views twist attitudes.
Value of one"s life survives upon one's power,
never genius without madness,life's loss profit devour.
To win excellence by gaining marvellous virtue,
most forget to disregard temptations's devalue.
Laws of man will be well written,
forever, remaining unaltered.
Not even Hell can compel that many souls
tortured, and repeatedly reconquered,
An evil man full of repentance views quality as act,
as being reasonable stains most by habit, that's fact.
While poverty rapes the educated misfortune,
power becomes greedy making grief the elaborate.
Signs of knowledge brought by improbable fears
lead our young to drop bombs as death's souvenir.
Conditions of love begin intoxicating our children,
hate builds up fortresses in prisons with
complete lists of man made new villains.
In the frightful cold end, it's too much to withstand,
then we're hurried, and buried,
as left as valuable packages in the land.

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