What Happened To Our World

The world was so nice when we were younger
It wasn't filled with poverty and hunger
The parks were filled with children until dark
Who used to run away when the dogs bark
Now the only dogs are goons and rapers
And also some people known as kidnappers
People used to laugh at silly jokes
Now, everywhere the negativity pokes
The poeple used to trust each other
Now, they only blame one another
Women used to roam free at night
Now, for it they have to fight
Politics was created for the sake of humanity
Now, it causes nothing but insanity
There used to be love between husband and wife
Now they just fight for life
The most important thing was love
Now money is considered above(everything)
Money is the only thing that matters
In front of it every other thing shatters
'I love you' were the words with meaning
Now they can be told to anyone without screening
Teenage was considered as a bless(ing)
Now it is filled with nothing but stress
Help was given to anyone in need
Now it is given to only those who feed (money)
What happened to our world?
Why is it so swirled?
Why is it filled with people from underworld?
It is our duty to fight
Since we are the only ones who can make it right

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This Poems Story

It's just a poem on world peace. Like how it has changed in these years.