What Has Come to Be

The breath inhaled which is yet the first sense,
combined with that warm touch that we cherish.
Time which we grow towards life struggles we clinch,
and only to put forth work so we may not perish.

A cycle which has it's on duration but also setting.
A system that we have come to know to well.
A order which has in fluctuation,
just like winning is to betting.
A hand from the mind of man truth dwells.

We are born then grow into what is unknown,
and to our environment we adapt.
What place one may fear another call home,
and to one may not see another can place on the map.

We have witness tragic result through separation.
We have observe discontentment towards humanity.
We have seen action with negativity and our nation.
We have produce a new vision, or we will be just that,.
What Has Come to Be.

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