What Have We Done to This World

The world, this world, our world.
Has become a place where judgment means evreything,
and honesty is nothing but a lie.
Little girls are shown that beauty is stick thin, with flawless skin,
Little boys are told to be a man, not to cry,
we teach them to hide what they feel.

We put opinions, beofre happiness.
Hate, before love. Money before life.
Couples forced to hide, in fear of hate and judgment.
What have we done to this world ?

Eating disorders, diet, strength, behaviour.
Men affraid to show emotion, to be weak.
We have told them to be a man.
We made our men, a monster.

Our youth sucked into this world of hate and judgment.
And you wonder why suicide can't be stopped.
We put our kids in a world where emotion is kept in,
And reaching out, is cause for being bullied.

We tell our youth not to bully, it's wrong.
But our adults, bully non stop,
They gang up on eachother, on kids.
Their opinions forced onto others, for their own satisfaction.
What benifits do you gain from preventing someones happiness ?

What have we done to this world ?

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